Case Study

How does a startup coffee concept with
the audacity to challenge an industry dominated by Starbucks position itself for sustained success?

Founded in 1995 on the principal of being a friendly coffee community, BIGGBY Coffee has become one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US, with almost 300 stores across 10 states.

The Challenge

Compel investors to open their wallets

While BIGGBY had built a cult following with a menu of out-there drinks and a personality to match, growth had stalled due to a lack of consistency and sophistication in marketing.

We needed to position the brand to appeal to potential consumers, talent and future franchise investors.

The Strategy

Lean into relatability

Coffee in the US was consumed by iconic brands on the cutting edge of culture, but research showed millions of people were craving a relaxed and fun coffee experience without having to be too serious or have too sophisticated a palate.

We set out to help BIGGBY fill that void.

The Results

From local startup to billion-dollar brand

Through our partnership, BIGGBY has grown by over 40%, on a trajectory to evolve from a local startup into a global billion-dollar brand.

  • 2011 – named fastest-growing coffee chain in America by CNBC
  • 2013 – climbed to #201 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise List
  • 2018 – voted #4 Coffee Concept by Entrepreneur
  • 2019 – voted Top 50 Franchise by Franchise Business Review
1 %
$ 1
million revenue
# 400
US Franchise
# 100
US Coffee Concept


As coffee culture became a way of life in the US, a new concept was born that promised to be “the anti-Starbucks” – laid back, fun, approachable and welcoming to all.

But beyond a core group of impassioned advocates, the brand was struggling to take off.

People were craving a more relaxed coffee experience, and we made it clear that BIGGBY was exactly that – initially by creating a quirky new visual style, and then by rooting the brand in a catchy jingle that would become its most ubiquitous asset.

It’s Time to B – an original composition we produced, set the stage for the whimsical and inviting environment consumers would come to expect with BIGGBY, and it also allowed us to align on key messaging and creative pillars that would guide advertising, promotions and communications for years to come.

As BIGGBY’s lead agency partner for the past half-decade,
we have launched dozens of integrated campaigns,

each driving sales, brand loyalty and franchise expansion.

BIGGBY Campaign Highlights

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BIGGBY "Holiday Lineup"
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BIGGBY "Honey"
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BIGGBY Coffee Campaign

As BIGGBY prepares to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in March 2020, the future is bright. Or, to be precise, It’s Time to B.

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