Case Study

How Harvest successfully repositioned
an 80-year-old credit union.

LAFCU has for generations provided Mid-Michigan residents with  financial guidance and empowerment, teaching folks how to buy a home, pay for college, plan their future and retire comfortably.

The Challenge

A financial crisis and client intimidation

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, credit unions across the US needed to remind consumers their value.

In a state crippled by the economic downturn, the need for financial acumen was never greater

LAFCU needed to find its voice and reconnect with Michigan residents.

The Strategy

A relatable vision to drive community

To empower Michigan residents, we needed people to lower their guard and pay attention. 

Where most financial marketing is clinical, we flipped the script, utilizing humor, everyday language, practical advice and relatability to distill complex topics into empowering calls-to-action.

The Results

A reassuring path to finance

Beyond winning over a dozen national and local awards, each campaign has driven significant growth for both the brand and each individual product line, with an average ROI of 800%.

LAFCU has seen double-digit increases in:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Customer cross-selling
years and counting
1 %
1 +
$ 1
million in assets


In a region decimated by The Great Recession, LAFCU needed the community to know they understood its plight and were committed to being part of the recovery, every step of the way.

We systematically reconfigured LAFCU’s entire marketing ecosystem, first by elevating their brand image, and then by reframing each of its key service lines.

Our campaign LETTERS reintroduced LAFCU as an institution embedded within the communities it serves.

The seven-foot tall letters featured in the ad became the centerpiece of LAFCU’s presence at the dozens of community events they sponsor throughout the year, and even sparked a community art project.

Once brand image hit an all-time high,

we pivoted our focus to driving revenue.

LAFCU Product Marketing Campaigns

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In our HELOC campaign. we introduced a totally relatable married couple as protagonists and empowered consumers to capitalize on the equity they've built in their homes.

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LAFCU "Home Mortgage"
In our Mortgage campaign, again using the married couple as protagonists, we empowered consumers to graduate into a bigger home and take advantage of low rates.
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LAFCU "Jetpack"
To promote LAFCU’s Vertical Credit Card, we provided a mix of practical advice and whimsical humor.
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LAFCU "Jumbo Loan"
To drive customer acquisition, our Jumbo CD campaign provided a unique investment to consumers who otherwise never would have had such an opportunity.

Beyond winning over a dozen national and local awards, each campaign has driven significant growth for the brand and individual product lines, with an average ROI of 800%

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