Case Study

When a beloved local healthcare provider evolves into something so much more, how do you reposition the brand to people who have trusted it for generations?

Founded in 1896, Sparrow Health System is Mid-Michigan’s premier healthcare organization, composed by a network of community hospitals that cover all phases of medical care for people of all ages from across the region, from emergency services to major surgery to long-term recovery.

The Challenge

Exponential growth mandated a new story

The hospital – which almost every family in the area had visited at some point – expanded by leaps and bounds, opening satellite facilities in neighboring communities, adding FastCare and Urgent Care clinics, erecting a state-of-the-art cancer center, partnering with the renowned Mayo Clinic, and investing in game-changing technology.

The Strategy

Reposition from a destination to a continuum

Sparrow was no longer just a hospital that treated the sick and injured. It had become a continuum of care available to every Mid-Michigan resident, now and for the entirety of their lives. We decided to evolve the brand’s essence to reflect the promise of a comprehensive health system without deviating from its legacy of a neighbor who cares.

The Results

Set the stage for the next 125 years

With our help, Sparrow’s brand evolved to keep pace with its business evolution. We developed consistency and continuity in marketing communications across an ever-expanding spectrum of services, and we helped catapult Sparrow toward substantial growth and a more profound resonance within the region.

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The hospital had grown into a robust network of health services, but what did that actually mean for the region?

People were becoming cynical about healthcare in America, concerned it had become beholden to insurance companies, incentivized to treat illnesses rather than help people live healthier lives.

This was the cultural insight we tapped into.

To successfully rebrand a hospital everybody in the region had interacted with at some point in their lives, we distilled Sparrow’s everlasting mission into a promise for the future.

The outcome was more than a tagline. It became a call-to-action.

Launched through an integrated campaign, this six-word summation of Sparrow’s essence enticed the community to reconsider Sparrow as a vested partner throughout life’s journey.

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“The campaign serves to define Sparrow and our role across this region, reflecting the fundamental human needs that Sparrow caregivers have dedicated their lives to providing.”

- Joe Ruth, EVP and COO – Sparrow Health System

Over the years, we have launched dozens of campaigns for Sparrow and its service lines. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Herbert-Herman Cancer Center "Fight"

We helped launch the new state-of-the-art Herman-Herbert Cancer Center.

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Sparrow Advantage

We empowered seniors to take control of their health through Sparrow Advantage.

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Know Before You Go

We guided the community to determine whether they needed FastCare or Urgent Care service.

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Annual Report

And each year we inform all stakeholders of Sparrow’s performance and strategic objectives.


We also produce an episodic series – Sparrow News – which provides Sparrow a podium to share its thoughts about key topics pertaining to the health system and the region. 

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Sparrow News - September 2019 Edition
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Sparrow News - Caregiver Spotlight
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Sparrow News - Michigan Partnership
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Sparrow News - Bariatrics

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